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Hilton Hefei

Opened: February, 2007
China Flag 198 ShengLi Road Hefei 230011
Tel: +86 551-280-8888
Fax: +86 551-280-8889


Hilton Hotels & Resorts Races Through China With “The Amazing Race: China Rush Season II”

Hilton Hotels & Resorts continues to bring its "Stay Hilton Go Everywhere" story to more Chinese cities by joining force with reality competition series, The Amazing Race: China Rush Season II. </p> </p> The Amazing Race: China Rush is a local version of the world famous series The Amazing Race produced by Shanghai Media Group and in association with Disney-ABC International Television Asia Pacific. Built upon the success enjoyed by the 12-episode reality show in 2010, the show is now in its second season featuring an exclusive hotel partnership with Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the flagship brand of Hilton Worldwide.

希尔顿酒店及度假村与“极速前进中国版 第二季”共同冲刺中国

希尔顿酒店及度假村与竞技类电视真人秀“极速前进中国版 第二季”再度联手,继续将“入住希尔顿,行遍全世界”的品牌故事带入越来越多的中国城市。</p><p> "极速前进中国版-冲刺中国"是世界知名竞赛类真人秀节目《极速前进》的中国版,节目由上海文广新闻传媒出品,节目版权模式由迪士尼ABC独家授 权。继2010年成功播出12集电视真人秀之后,希尔顿全球旗舰品牌希尔顿酒店及度假村作为酒店类独家合作品牌,倾力赞助推出"极速前进中国版 第二季"。

Hilton Hefei Appoints Robert King As Director Of Business Development

Hilton Hefei, the first luxury hotel in the rapidly growing capital of Anhui Province in China, is pleased to welcome Robert King as the new Director of Business Development.

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